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Our Story

CWJC was founded in El Paso in 2000 by the late Executive Director, Paula Jeser. CWJC offers a life-changing opportunity for our participants and their families. We provide classes in technology, parenting, nutrition, self-improvement, ESL, job skills and financial awareness at no cost to the participant.

Our goal is to help women break the cycle of poverty, have confidence in their abilities and in who they are, and to find meaningful work in the community. All our instructors are volunteers with a heart for the women, and the community of El Paso.

We help anyone who has a need! We do not discriminate, our mission is to help you find work that will give you a living wage. We are not income based either. Our goal is to help people break the cycle of poverty and find meaningful work.

Cost of the Student FREE and INCLUDES Child Care 

Making a Difference

Creating a Christ-centered environment where the women of El Paso, Texas encounter the life-changing love of Christ through relationships as they become empowered to know who they are in Jesus Christ; to understand and follow God’s divine purpose for their lives as they become blessings to their families and their communities.

Christian Women’s Job Corps® seeks to equip women, in a Christian context, for life and employment.  The participants gain self-confidence, purpose, direction, and hope for the future.

Through the CWJC, women are able to seek out high school equivalency diploma (GED) preparation classes, English as a second language classes, computer training, Bible study, mentoring, on-line courses, and job readiness skills. We offer child care at no cost for the student.

CWJC exists to empower women to experience spiritual, personal, and professional success. A distinctive of CWJC programs is the formation of long-lasting relationships within a Christian context. 

CWJC offers a comprehensive faith-based curriculum in:

Spiritual development

A healthy spiritual life can bring peace, power and a sense of inner well-being. As you work on a better understanding of your spiritual needs and how it connects you to others, then you can gain insight on how to prevent future problems. You can even learn how to deal with difficult problems when they come around.

Personal development

Healing relationships can be difficult. CWJC offers, through our program, an opportunity to understand yourself, and how to cultivate healthy relationships in your life.

Professional development

A sure sign of success is when you can give back to your community. CWCJ will not only help prepare you for a job, we will provide you opportunities to help others.


At CWJC we want to offer you the encouragement you need to achieve that goal.

Our Team

We are passionate about our mission and serious about our work. Each staff member has been trained in their area of expertise and loves working with people.